Dalditch Lane

Temporary Road Closure of Dalditch Lane where the Stone and Rubble Wall forms the Boundary with Lee Ford from Fudge Cottage to the Back Entrance
to the Lee Ford Estate

From Nigel Lindsay-Fynn

To all my neighbours and business owners along Dalditch Lane and Inner Ting Tong

I regret to advise that I have applied to Devon Highways, a department of Devon County Council, for a temporary road closure of Dalditch Lane from 8am until approximately 5pm, Monday to Friday, from Monday 5th September, and I apologise in advance for the inconvenience that this will cause everyone who would normally use this Lane.

My boundary is the stone and rubble wall, which was probably originally constructed in the 19th century or even earlier. It must have been patched and repaired on many occasions in the past, as you can tell from the wide range of materials used in its building and subsequent maintenance. I the last few years at least, a lot of the capping has fallen off, and loose stones and mortar have been falling into the Lane and into my field.

Last year and early this year, I have rebuilt the capping and repointed the field side of the wall. There only remains the side facing onto the road to complete all the necessary repairs.

I have appointed a specialist stonemason. He will work as a team of three, cutting out loose mortar and stones and refixing with new lime mortar, as would have been used in the 19th century. Because of the repairs I have already completed, he estimates this will take 10 days or not very much more. In my original letter to my neighbours and to businesses on Dalditch Lane and Inner Ting Tong, I had forecast that the work would go on for 30 days, so my latest news is that the inconvenience will last for less than half that time.

I am required to appoint a signage contractor to put up all the signs giving warning of the closure and the diversion routes. I am paying them extra to attend daily during the week to close the road each morning and reopen it at around 5 o’clock in the evening. So you will at least be able to use the lane outside working hours. My contractor has agreed that he will not object to walkers and cyclists using the Lane while it is closed, but I must urge you to take extra care and point out that you would do so entirely at your own risk.

I am uncertain whether this applies to horses. Every horse is different, and some might shy at the sight of the contractors at work and the sound of their cement mixer. I could not advise horse riders that they would be safe.

I will post on this website updates of any changes to the closure and the renovation work whenever it is needed. I thank all my neighbours for their understanding. Please help me to preserve this wonderful old wall.

15th June 2022


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